• @George premium?

    "@George premium" can be used with the optical wiring system (or VDSL system).

    Fiber optic service with up to 1 Gbps speeds internet experience.

    * Maximum communication speeds indicate maximum values based on technical standards and do not necessarily represent actual usage speeds. Internet speeds during use may slow significantly due to the user environment (such as terminal device specifications) and line congestion.

  • GENERALLY if you need a internet service in Japan...

    You have to apply for both carrier and ISP.
    In many cases, minimum usage period is fixed, if you cancelled during the use period, cancellation fees will be charged.

  • @George Premium is best service.

    @George premium is one stop services and easy procedures.
    There is no minimum usage period.
    We support application and connection in Japanese or English
    If you are a minor applicant(under 20), you can apply.

    * When you will apply ,you will require credit card and Japanese cell phone number to reach you.
    * If you are a minor applicant, you have to show your passport number or resident card number.
    * "@George premium" has "Mansion Type Service" for single-unit and "Family Type Service" for multi-unit, but application from this site accepts only "Mansion Type Service". If it turn out to be"Family Type Service", application will be cancel.

  • service price

    plan Mansion type service
    Initial cost (per contract) 6,000 yen
    Monthly usage fee (with a provider pack) 3,800 yen
    Opening cost up to 11,000 yen
    wireless LAN router rental fee (optional) 500 yen

    * when you apply campaign

    Installation charges may vary depending on the initial installation work performed.
    Initial installation charges may be paid in installments.?
    Lump sum payment of the balance for the initial installment charges will be requested if "@George premium" subscription is canceled while installment payments are being made.

    Note on canceling(when you apply campaign)
    If the "@George premium" subscription is canceled while the 6-month service period is in effect, payment of the cancellation charge will also be requested.

* All listed rates are exclusive of tax.
* This service is subject to the initial contract termination system.

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